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Inspired by sports car's wild and speedy style with leather surface, and support loading weight up to 120 kg. ACHILLES E2 L is not just an ergonomically designed gaming chair, it rises your gaming experience to the next level!

Customizable RGB Streaming Lighting

RGB backlights can either connect with PC to customize up to 10 lighting effects or plug with power bank for colorful gaming sessions!

2D Adjustable Armrests

Ready to satisfy your needs, ACHILLES E1 L arm rests allow you to adjust them in different ways.

Adjustable Backrest

Allows for effortless adjustment of back angle up to 150 degrees for optimal sitting position during general and gaming use.

ACHILLES E1 L is an ergonomically designed gaming chair, which comes with the highest level of comfort and innovative features. This model exclusively comes with 2D adjustable armrest support and steel base.


219,95 €Τιμή
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