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RGB Visual Illumination

The HEBE E2 RGB comes equipped with the latest features and tech. True RGB engineered to provide stunning illumination lighting and vibration effects.

Compatible with PS4

Easy to connect with your friends and teammates during gameplay via 3.5mm connector.

Oversized Earcup Design

Optimized earpads guarantees hours of comfort and isolates external noises.

Powerful 40mm HD driver

Enhanced 40mm speakers deliver precise audio for a crystal clear gaming experience.

Fold and omnidirectional Microphone

The omnidirectional microphone with noise-cancelling function can be adjusted to your preference.

Feel The Sound With Bass Impact

Bass Impact converts low freqency bass tones into pulses around the earpads letting you feel gaming vibes.


"Color your world"

HEBE E2 RGB gaming headset comes with a 40mm driver unit, fold and omni-directional microphone and oversize earcup design, our enclosed earcup design blocks out any and all background noise so you only hear what you need to win.

HEBE E2 RGB gaming headsets offers you an astounding and exceptional audio delivery for all your gaming sessions!


RGB Streaming Lighting

Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox one, VR, and Mobile

Oversized Earcup Design

40mm HD driver unit

Fold, Omnidirectional Microphone


69,95 €Τιμή
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